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Professional backup camera installation

Backup Camera Installation Milwaukee, WI

Nobody has eyes in the back of their head, which is why the invention of the backup camera has been such a godsend. Per year, backing crashes kill more than 200 people and injure more than 12,000–-many of which are children. Experts say 92.3% of backup crashes are preventable by the driver. Improve your visibility when reversing by having Carisma install a backup camera. Perfect for any year of vehicle!

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How do backup cameras work?

Backup cameras generally turn on when the car is shifted into reverse. A windshield-mounted or dashboard-integrated monitor will flicker on, showing the area immediately behind the vehicle. Some backup monitors come equipped with an automatic braking function, should an obstacle get too close to the rear bumper of the car. They’re meant to provide better visibility for drivers while backing in parking lots, down driveways, or while parallel parking.

Do backup cameras prevent accidents?

They’re certainly not foolproof, but according to the Insurance Information Institute, backup cameras reduced accidents by 16% between 2008 and 2011, when they first grew in popularity.

Are backup cameras required?

In 2019, the U.S. government began requiring backup cameras to be included as standard in all new makes and models. Currently, it’s estimated that only a third of cars on the road today have backup cameras.

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