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The Ultimate Self-Healing Protection For Your Vehicle’s Exterior Surfaces

The ultimate protection for your vehicle’s exterior comes with the application of paint protection film by Carisma Customs. This self-healing film is not your Dad’s clear bra. Thanks to recent advancements, you can now order paint protection film for your entire car, including hoods, fenders, rocker panels, mirrors, and virtually anything else. And you won’t notice it’s even there.

No other auto spa in Southeast Wisconsin sets the bar higher in the application of paint protection film than Carisma Customs. We offer 5 distinct packages, with unique choices based on your desired level of protection. We only use paint protection film from XPEL, an industry leader trusted by professionals worldwide. We can do anything from cars to boats, motorcycles, and even planes, and we’re the best at what we do in Wisconsin.

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What is Paint Protection Film?

Paint protection film, also known as a clear bra or PPF, is a multi-layer urethane-based film applied to various exterior surfaces of your vehicle for protection against damage caused by stones, road debris, chemicals, and scratching. PPF is generally 6-8 mils thick and is virtually invisible when applied properly. This protection film also offers a heat-activated self-healing property, which removes scratches and swirls from the top coat layer while in direct sunlight for a showroom look at all times.

Clear bras are recommended for the parts of your car most prone to damage, including the front bumper, hood, front mirrors, and headlights. Many clients even opt for their entire car to be covered in PPF for the ultimate protection possible.

Benefits of PPF Application

  • Durable shield against common chemicals and defects like road debris, stones, scratches, swirls, bugs, acid rain, tree sap, bird droppings, and more
  • Self-healing properties that allow minor scratches and swirls to disappear during exposure to heat or sunlight
  • Enhanced UV ray resistance that prevents oxidization and fading
  • Maintains the clarity of gloss of the original paint without yellowing
  • Removable and replaceable - like it never happened
  • Can be custom-cut to fit your exact vehicle

Carisma Customs Trusts XPEL Paint Protection Films

Carisma Customs is a trusted installer of XPEL paint protection film products for your vehicle in Southeastern Wisconsin. We have the highest quality standards you’ll find anywhere, and work fast so you can have your vehicle back and looking better than ever in no time. Don't let your paint, exterior & interior surfaces take a beating. Explore our XPEL paint protective film options below.

Choose From XPEL Ultimate Plus or Stealth

We offer two different XPEL films for customers, including Ultimate Plus and Stealth. Ultimate Plus is a clear film that goes on virtually invisible, while Stealth will convert your vehicle’s current glossy paint to a matte finish while still protecting against scratches and chips. Stealth PPF, an option available for an additional charge, is only suggested for those who want to change their appearance from glossy to matte or who already have a matte finish vehicle and need protection from rock chips.

When in doubt, contact us to discuss the best option for your vehicle.

XPEL Paint Protection Film Packages

  • Partial
  • Full Front
  • Full Front +
  • Full Vehicle

Front Partial

Starting at: $1,200For coupes/sedans Starting at: $1,300For SUVs/trucks

Coverage includes:

  • 1/3 of Hood
  • 1/3 of Both Front Fenders
  • Full Front Bumper
  • Mirror Caps

Full Front

Starting at: $2,200For coupes/sedans Starting at: $2,300For SUVs/trucks

Coverage includes:

  • Full Front Bumper
  • Full Hood
  • Both Full Fenders
  • Mirror Caps

Full Front +

Starting at: $2,650For coupes/sedans Starting at: $2,850For SUVs/trucks

Coverage includes:

  • Full Front Bumper
  • Full Hood
  • Both Full Fenders
  • Mirror Caps
  • Rockers

Full Vehicle

All vehicles call for pricing

Coverage includes:

  • Vehicle’s entire painted surface

Additional Vehicle Paint Protection Film Coverage Options

  • Hoods $750
  • Fronts Bumpers $850
  • Rockers $450
  • Door Cups (each) $20
  • Door Sills (each) $50
  • Luggage Strip $100
  • Pillars & Roof $150
  • Hoods $800
  • Fronts Bumpers $900
  • Rockers $550
  • Door Cups (each) $20
  • Door Sills (each) $50
  • Luggage Strip $100
  • Pillars & Roof $150

Available Tesla Paint Protection Packages

Model 3/S
  • Full Vehicle $6,500
  • Full Vehicle Stealth $8,000
Model X
  • Full Vehicle $6,500
  • Full Vehicle Stealth $8,000
Model Y
  • Full Vehicle $6,500
  • Full Vehicle Stealth $8,000

Available Motorcycle Paint Protection Packages

  • Fairing $550
  • Fender $175
  • Saddle Bags $650

*Stealth PPF application available for an additional charge. Please contact us for pricing.

*ALL XPEL paint protection film offers a 10-year manufacturer warranty against failures such as yellowing, cracking, blistering, and delaminating.

How PPF Works

Originally designed by the military to protect helicopters from shrapnel and debris, this super strong urethane film provides above-and-beyond protection against bird droppings, surface scratches, rock chips, and even UV damage, among other sources of damage. It’s effectively a transparent layer of armor molded to fit your car’s exact dimensions. With superior self-healing properties, PPF can last up to 10 years if professionally installed and properly maintained.

Watch us install paint protection film on a classic Ferrari!

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Just had my 2022 Bronco clear-wrapped and ceramic coated. It looks like a brand-new truck! I suggest coming to Carisma Customs to make your vehicle protected and shine like new.

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I took my car to Carisma Customs to fix a shoddy PPF job originally done by a shop more local to me. Carisma Customs knocked it out of the park. Their workmanship is top-notch, with great communication from start to finish. I would highly recommend them.

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Paint Protection Film FAQs

Is paint protection film worth the money?

Yes, paint protection film is a worthy investment, providing a durable barrier against road debris, stone chips, and other environmental hazards that can damage your vehicle's paint. PPF offers long-term protection, preserving the aesthetic appeal and resale value of your car while reducing the need for frequent touch-ups or repainting.

Does paint protection film peel off?

Yes, paint protection film is removable and will not harm the paint if peeled off correctly. Professional film removal is recommended, especially if you’ll be replacing it with a new film.

How deep of scratching will PPF prevent?

Paint protection film (PPF) is effective in preventing light to moderate scratches, including those caused by small rocks, road debris, and minor abrasions. PPF also protects a wide range of common paint surface damages including bug splatter, bird droppings, tree sap, chemical stains and water spots.

How many years does paint protection film last?

Paint protection film generally lasts between 7 to 10 years with proper installation. The full lifespan of PPF can depend on environmental factors, maintenance factors and the quality of the film used.

Ceramic Coating vs Paint Protective Film

Protecting your vehicle should not have to be so hard right? We know there are a lot of similar benefits between ceramic coatings and paint protection films, so here's the real difference between the two to help you decide which protection is best for your needs. The majority of our clients choose the best of both worlds and have a ceramic coating package applied on top of paint protection film for maximum protection.

Ceramic Coating

  • Extremely Hydrophobic
  • Reduces Hard Water Spots
  • Ultra Glossy Finish
  • Increased Chemical Resistance
  • Helps Prevent Swirls and Light Marring

Paint Protection Film

  • Prevents Rock Chips
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Heat Activated Self-Healing
  • Discoloration & Stain Resistant
  • Maximum Durability


  • Maximum Protection
  • Invisible Application
  • Prevents Damage to Paint
  • Ease of Maintenance
Learn more about ceramic coatings, or give us a call for a professional opinion on protecting your vehicle's paint in Wisconsin.