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Paint Protection Film Installation XPEL PPF

Paint Protection Film What is paint protection film?

Paint protection films, also known as a clear bra or PPF, is a multi-layer urethane based film that is virtually invisible when applied properly. Generally most PPF films are 6-8 mils thick which is designed to reduce the impact from stones and road debris to avoid damaging your vehicles' paint. PPF also offers a heat activated self-healing property that will remove scratches and swirls from the top coat layer while in direct sunlight for a showroom look at all times.

Paint Protection Film Options

Front bumper paint protection film

Front Bumper Package

Full front of vehicle paint protection film

Full Front Package

Whole vehicle paint protection film

Entire Vehicle Package

Mirror paint protection film

Mirrors Package

Paint protection film for vehicle rockers

Rockers Package

Wisconsin XPEL Paint Protection Film Dealer

XPEL is an industry leader in paint protective films, and we’re a local leader in PPF installation. We have the highest quality standards you’ll find anywhere, and work fast so you can have your vehicle back and looking better than ever in no time.

Review the PPF packages and products we offer below. Then check out our work while you’re here.

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How PPF Works

Originally designed by the military to protect helicopters from shrapnel and debris, this super strong urethane film provides above-and-beyond protection against bird droppings, surface scratches, rock chips, and even UV damage, among other sources of damage. It’s effectively a transparent layer of armor molded to fit your car’s exact dimensions. With superior self-healing properties, PPF can last up to 10 years if professionally installed and properly maintained.

Watch us install paint protection film on a classic Ferrari!

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Ceramic Coating vs Paint Protective Film

Protecting your vehicle should not have to be so hard right? We know there are a lot of similar benefits between ceramic coatings and paint protection films, so here's the real difference between the two to help you decide which protection is best for your needs. The majority of our clients choose the best of both worlds and have a ceramic coating package applied on top of paint protection film for maximum protection.

Ceramic Coating

  • Extremely Hydrophobic
  • Reduces Hard Water Spots
  • Ultra Glossy Finish
  • Increased Chemical Resistance
  • Helps Prevent Swirls and Light Marring

Paint Protection Film

  • Prevents Rock Chips
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Heat Activated Self-Healing
  • Discoloration & Stain Resistant
  • Maximum Durability


  • Maximum Protection
  • Invisible Application
  • Prevents Damage to Paint
  • Ease of Maintenance
Learn more about ceramic coatings, or give us a call for a professional opinion on protecting your vehicle's paint in Wisconsin.