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Car stereo, speaker, & subwoofer installation

Car Audio Installation

Get speakers that bang and subwoofers that boom, all customizable to the specs of your particular vehicle. We use the highest quality brands for the crispest possible sound. Our experienced technicians pride themselves on fast turnaround times, so you won’t be without your car for longer than necessary. Check out our work. 

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3 Types of Car Speakers

Most cars come equipped with coaxial speakers, which have the full range of sound (tweeters, mid-ranges, and subwoofers) all built into the same unit. The advantage of these speakers is that they’re cheap and easy to set up, but they don’t produce the same sound quality you’d expect from a component speaker setup.

At Carisma, our car audio pros can help determine the best audio hardware upgrades for your ride, and provide expert audio system installation to ensure everything gets hooked up correctly and sounds great.  

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Popular Car Audio System Brands We Work With

We work with all the most popular car audio system brands and can help you figure out which stereo system, speakers, and subs are best for your unique vehicle and personal preferences. Below are some of the most popular car audio system brands we work with. Contact Carisma Customs today for more info on any of these brands or our audio system installation services.

Car Audio Services at Carisma Customs

  • Amplifier Installation
  • Subwoofer Installation
  • Speaker Replacement
  • DSP (Digital Signal Processor) Installation
  • Computer Analyzed DSP Tuning
  • Electrical Upgrades
    • Batteries (Lithium & AGM)
    • Big 3 Wiring Upgrades
    • Volt Meter Installation
    • High Output Alternators
  • OEM Integration
  • Apple CarPlay / Android Auto
  • Audio System Diagnostics
  • Custom Subwoofer Enclosures
  • Stereo Replacements
Contact Carisma Customs for vehicle audio system installation in Waukesha, and check out the rest of our automotive electronic upgrade services.
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