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Auto Spa Near Appleton, WI

Looking for an exceptional auto spa near Appleton, WI? Look no further than Carisma Customs! Our team understands that your vehicle is a reflection of your unique style and personality, which is why we offer a comprehensive range of services to enhance both its appearance and the experience of driving it.

Located just 1 hour and 45 minutes south of Appleton, Carisma Customs is your go-to destination for customized detailing, innovative enhancements, and state-of-the-art audio system upgrades. As one of Wisconsin's top-rated auto spas, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional services that exceed your expectations.

Our core auto spa services include:

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Appleton Ceramic Coating Applications

Our technicians use cutting-edge ceramic coating techniques to not only enhance your vehicle’s shine but also to provide unparalleled protection against paint damage and fading. Say goodbye to unsightly scratches and weathering, and rest easy knowing your vehicle’s exterior is safeguarded against common hazards. We prioritize your vehicle’s appearance and protection, so you can trust us to keep your prized possession in pristine condition. Experience the difference at Carisma Customs - we are Wisconsin’s ONLY Ceramic Pro Elite Dealer.

We have multiple Ceramic Pro treatment packages to fit your needs and budget:

Starting at $2,250
Starting at $1,590
Starting at $890
Starting at $400

Professional Detailing Services for Appleton Vehicles

Indulge in the ultimate luxury driving experience with Carisma Customs, the premier destination for top-tier automotive detailing near Appleton, WI. We understand that your vehicle’s appearance reflects your discerning taste and unique style. Our team of skilled technicians provides unmatched interior and exterior detailing services for all types of vehicles, from cars to boats and beyond.

Using a fine-toothed approach, we ensure every surface imperfection is addressed, leaving your vehicle with a flawless finish that is truly unrivaled. At Carisma Customs, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional attention to detail, resulting in a truly personalized driving experience that is tailored to your exact needs and preferences.

Experience automotive excellence when you schedule detailing services for all your rides. Learn more about our array of detailing packages:

Complete detail package
Starting at $545
Exterior detail package
Starting at $279
Interior detail package
Starting at $290
Paint correction
Boat detailing
Aviation and recreational detailing
Ozone and bio-hazard extraction
Starting at $179

Window Tinting for Appleton, WI Vehicles

Carisma Customs is your go-to for top-of-the-line window tinting services and solutions in Barrington. Our team takes a personalized approach to window tinting, catering to your unique needs, be it for protection against harmful UV rays, reduced heat transfer, or increased privacy.

We also offer professional tint removal services.

As Carisma Customs, we ensure that our tinting services adhere to legal regulations and come with a lifetime warranty, giving you peace of mind. Book an appointment today with us today to experience our exceptional tinting services firsthand.

Window Tinting

Paint Protection Film for Appleton Vehicles

Looking to protect your vehicle’s paint and maintain its pristine appearance? Turn to Carisma Customs, the premier provider of paint protection film (PPF or clear bra) applications in Appleton, WI. Our skilled technicians will install the PPF flawlessly, providing a hassle-free solution to the unsightly scratches and costly fading that can damage your vehicle’s exterior paint. Don’t let paint damage detract from your ride’s beauty – contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn more about our durable, long-lasting PPF solutions.

About PPF

Auto Electronics Installation Near Appleton, WI

Carisma Customs offers Appleton locals a vast array of state-of-the-art mobile electronic options, coupled with seamless installation services. Whether you’re in the market for your car, truck, boat, or motorcycle, we provide a diverse selection of tailored solutions. Our inventory features top-of-the-line equipment and advanced features to take your driving experience to the next level. Here’s a sample of what we offer:

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