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Radar & speed gun detector installation

Police Radar & Speed Gun Detector Installation in Milwaukee, WI

Dodge the fuzz and shave time off your commute with a laser radar defense system installed by Carisma Customs. Our detection systems promote smarter driving, giving you the information you need to get from point A to point B, ticket free! Contact us for a consultation on system selection and installation.

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How do radar detectors work?

Police radar guns work by sending radio waves that bounce off a moving object and return to the gun, which measures the doppler effect created. A good radar detector will give you about a half-mile warning, alerting you when it senses radio waves from a police scanner—giving you a chance to slow down.

Radio jammers work by interfering with and overwhelming the doppler returned frequencies, making it difficult to detect a reliable reading.

One of the brands we sell, K40, even gives you a one-year no-ticket guarantee. They’re so confident in their product, if you receive a ticket within 12 months of your purchase, they’ll pay all fines—no questions asked!

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Are radar detectors legal?

Radar detectors are legal in 49 states, with the exception of Virginia and the District of Columbia.

Contact Carisma Customs for police radar detector installation in Milwaukee, and check out the rest of our automotive electronic upgrade services.