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Marine vehicle audio system installation

Marine Audio Upgrades

Carisma Customs is Waukesha and Milwaukee County’s go-to source for marine audio installations. Our experience and robust product offerings are tailored to engineer a sound system that leaves envy in its wake. Count on us to install a killer marine audio system, including:

  • Amplifier and subwoofer installation
  • Custom subwoofer enclosures
  • Speaker replacement
  • Digital signal processor (DSP) installation
  • Computer analyzed DSP tuning
  • Audio system diagnostics
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What are the three types of speakers?

  • Tweeters
  • Mid-ranges
  • Subwoofers

Most boats come equipped with standard coaxial speakers or no speakers at all. Our expert technicians will replace your existing radio system with an individual component setup, capable of producing the higher-quality sound and custom audio settings you desire.

What is a Digital Signal Processor (DSP)?

The digital signal processor is a high-tech microchip that is designed to add and subtract frequencies within a sound system or pair of headphones. Think of it as the central computer all the frequencies run through. When your speakers stop working, it can often be a problem with the DSP system. Our expert technicians are well-versed in DSP troubleshooting and can get your marine audio system sounding pitch-perfect in no time!

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