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Marine vehicle electrical system upgrade

Marine Battery Upgrades

Don’t get stranded on a sandbar this summer—upgrade or replace your marine battery with Carisma Customs. Our certified 12-volt technicians will handle your watercraft with care and have it in tip-top shape for your next cruise.

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What is a marine battery switch?

A battery switch is a battery attachment that allows you to easily cut the power of a battery on and off. In a marine setting, this can be especially useful when waiting out storms or when work is being done on your boat’s electrical system. Battery switches have been shown to reduce battery drain and prevent electrical fires.

What is a voltmeter?

A voltmeter is a battery attachment that allows you to easily test the health of your battery. This is an especially helpful tool in marine situations, where the nearest AutoZone isn’t exactly easy to get to. Installing a voltmeter can help ensure the health of your battery before setting out on your voyage.

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