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Battery upgrades for vehicles

Automotive Electrical Upgrades in Waukesha

Here at Carisma Customs, we know you never can be too safe when it comes to batteries. We offer upgrades including battery replacement, battery switch installation, and volt meter installation for maintaining and monitoring your vehicle’s electrical power. Check out our work. 

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Battery Installation

Low on juice? Our team will test and replace your battery, giving you the power you’ll need for the next three to four years. Our expert technicians have dealt with just about every year, make and model, so you can feel confident that we’ll get the job done safely and efficiently.

What is a battery switch?

A battery switch is designed to cut off electrical power when the car is not in use. It can prevent electrical fires, vehicle theft and excessive drain on your battery.

What does a voltmeter do?

Most cars do not come equipped with a voltmeter, meaning the only way to check the condition of a battery is to bring it into a battery shop. Installing a voltmeter can help ensure the health of your battery, especially in the winter and on long road trips.

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