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Smartphone Integration in Waukesha, WI

Police are cracking down on cellphone use while driving. It’s estimated that distracted driving due to cell phone use is a factor in over 23% of all car accidents, making it more important than ever to have smartphone integration on your vehicle. Contact Carisma Customs for a consultation on how to integrate your particular cell phone into your vehicle.

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Connect with Apple CarPlay

Apple CarPlay takes the apps on your phone and beams them to your car’s display screen, giving you hands-free control over your music, podcasts, texts, and more.

Connect with Android Auto

You get the idea, it’s like Apple CarPlay, but the Android version. For you tech geeks who shun the more popular iPhone, we can integrate your smartphone as well. You’ll have all your favorite music, podcasts, and texts at your fingertips.

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My car is old, can I still connect?

Apple offers an extensive car list, featuring more than 600 cars that currently support CarPlay. Android has over 500 models listed supporting Android Auto integration, so there’s a good chance that your car will be compatible with either service.

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