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Marine Watercraft Upgrades

Boat & Watercraft Detailing in Waukesha

Carisma Customs is here to keep your boat in ship shape with cleaning services and Ceramic Pro coating. As the singular Ceramic Pro outfit in Wisconsin, our specialists near Waukesha are dedicated to preserving your boat’s quality and value. Get a consultation on how we can make your marine watercraft shine.


Why should I detail my boat?

Boats naturally accrue grit and grime while out on the water. Over time, this can lead to damage, resulting in a loss of value and aesthetic quality. Don’t take a chance on your investment—keep up a maintenance routine with the detailing department at Carisma Customs near Waukesha. We’ll see to the hassle of clean-up and can provide additional protection through the application of ceramic coating from Ceramic Pro.

Ceramic coating for boats

Our ceramic coating service provides a hydrophobic – or water-resistant – coating to the surface of your boat. We use Ceramic Pro to increase the paint’s lifespan and establish a barrier so algae and barnacles can’t attach to your craft. It’s an effective method to reduce ongoing maintenance/exterior detailing time and costs.

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Marine Electronics

Time on the water is always a joy. Crank up the volume on a new stereo system to make the experience even more surreal. We’ll also make sure your battery is up to snuff or provide you with a reliable replacement. Some of our audio brands include:

  • Focal
  • Kicker
  • Audison
  • Hertz Audio
  • AudioFrog
  • Alpine
  • JL Audio

Trust us with your boat electronics installation.

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Watercraft detailing & ceramic coating